Learn how to get started, create
products, and get paid.

Getting Started

We’re clearing the way and providing all the tools you need to create, to share and to earn. 


From physical to digital, find all product specifications as well as production and printing methods.


Learn about all the tools in your dashboard including understanding your analytics, creating promotional codes and more.


Take nothing and make it into something. Here you can find design help, advice and resources to help you get started with zero experience needed.

Platform Integrations

Learn how to optimize your integrations with Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Twitch, Discord, Streamlabs and more.

Shiping and Delivery

We’re here for you, in service of your hustle and your dreams. All the essential information for your sample orders and fan deliveries.

Contact Us

Printable Ink is a sidekick to your success and the means to what’s next. Find out how to get in touch.


Find policies, resources and tax information here.

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